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Basic Bunker – 8 x 12

H 96
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Swing Out Gun Rack

Fold Down Bed

Escape Hatch


Each Dark Times Survival bunker is given special consideration to ensure maximum use of space. When possible we use multi-purpose components and features, such as a gun rack that transforms into a bunk bed. The efficient use of space and unique features is a top priority at Dark Times Survival.

We insist on high quality when we build our products and nothing less. Everything from the precision components in the vault door to the fold down beds is designed, engineered and built to meet our high-quality standards.

Additionally, we can help you plan ahead for the future expansion of your bunker. We can install dedicated attachment points to be used for any desired accessory to be installed immediately or in the future.

Basic units come standard with

  • Key lock, gas strut assisted hatch
  •  6 inch air intake and exhaust
  • Inter-grated ladder
  • 100 year coal tar exterior coating
  • Primed and painted interior

Floor Plan:

8x12 econo