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Home Invasions
Man Made Disasters

Safe Keeping

Emergency Provisions
Weapons Storage
Personal Documentation
Irreplaceable Items

Amazing Craftsmenship

Our team of designers and builders have years of experience in precision CNC manufacturing and fabrication.

Space Efficiency

We maximize the space of our bunkers with expert designs and smart implementation of multi-purpose components and features.

Dark Times Survival

Check out Our Bunkers

Our staff will help you through the entire process of choosing a bunker and the features that make sense for your needs. Everything from financing to shipping and installation.


Basic Bunker - 8 x 12

A great bunker priced to get you started in protection and safe keeping. We can install dedicated attachment points for future upgrades.

Safe Room/Gun Safe - 8x12

This Safe Room/Gun Safe packs a punch with a creative use of space and features that makes this a great addition for any home.


Our swing out gun racks with fold down beds maximizes the use of space. Call or email us and see what we can do for you.

Bunkers Designed & Built To Be The Best!

Call Dark Times Survival at 417-553-1180 to get more information

About DTS

Dark Times Survival manufactures products for Survivalists at all levels. From gun vaults and storm shelters to bunkers for the individual who is preparing for catastrophic economic and social collapse.

Our product line includes, Long-term Survival Bunkers of all sizes, walk in gun/ammo safes that can double as safe rooms and storm shelters.

We manufacture various levels of power generating systems, ranging from highly efficient combined heat and power units to steam engine driven generators for the individual that refuses to rely on anyone.

DTS has a continuously expanding line of accessories to complement our core products. Everything we build is for the purpose of simplifying and protecting the lives of our customers, The Survivalist.

When it comes to survival, details matter. Everything we make is created to last, using top-quality materials and manufactured by skilled technicians. And since we are a precision CNC manufacturer and fabrication shop, we control all aspects of our products. This gives us the ability to ensure the quality of everything we offer.

If you’re concerned about privacy, we understand. We work to protect your privacy, from the security of your personal information to the delivery and installation of your bunker. We examine every situation and make arrangements to deliver your order discreetly. Your survival plans are yours and yours alone – and we help you keep it that way.

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